3 waterfalls in one day, a picture with the title and a waterfall behind

We managed to visit 3 waterfalls in one day on the island of Langkawi


Are you heading to Langkawi soon and wanting to explore the waterfalls of the island? We ticked off 3 waterfalls in one day, and probably could have ticked off a few more if we didn’t have to take our rented bike back. 

It is super easy to travel around the island, you can drive around the whole route in less than a few hours. We chose to just drive around the road that circles the island, and then pull over to places that we thought looked pretty or interesting either from the road, or maps.me.

We took a circular route starting at the southern part of the island, heading through Kuah and then up and around to the north west part of the island before landing back to Cenang Beach to drop off our bike. We would recommend taking your swimming costumes & spare change of clothes for these trips, there’s nothing better than cooling off in the waterfall pools after a steep hike getting to them.


1. Waterfall 1 – Durian Perangin Waterfall

This is actually a set of waterfalls, depending on which layer you climb up. There are several sets of stairs, which all lead to seperate layers and different small waterfalls/pools. The best one is right at the top, a nice pool area to dip your feet in as you look back down into the jungle. We spent a short time here as we wanted to get on to the next stop, but this a quieter visited waterfall on the island, you still get all the same opportunities as the others, it’s just a bit smaller than the other 2. 

This is actually a 14 tier waterfall, so you can take stops on each tier should you want a break. The route up to each layer is definitely covered in exotic flora and fauna. We spent a few stops having a look at different flowers, leaves and trees on our way up. 

This is a definitely more of a family visited waterfall, we passed several getting ready to go for a dip on the many layers. There’s also a few shops/food stalls in the car park should you get hungry on your hike.

Girl standing at the bottom of a smaller waterfall. The water pool is very shallow, but enough to dip your feet. Durian Perangin Waterfall

Be prepared for slippy rocks at this waterfall. Quite a small area but worth the hike up the many stairs. Durian Perangin Waterfall


2. Waterfall 2 – Temurun Waterfall

One of the main things I want to say about this place – be careful of the monkeys! This is a stunning hike that takes about 5 minutes up to the waterfall, but there are plenty of monkeys around. Make sure to keep following the stairs (as they seem slightly overgrown and unstable), but worth it to reach the waterfall and pool area.

This 3 tier waterfall opens out with some stunning clear watered pools. This is definitely a place for picnics, a good lunch stop if you are exploring the island. When we went, the main pool at the top looked pretty deep – enough that locals were climbing and jumping from very high up into the water. We enjoyed our lunch stop here, as we dipped our feet and lapped up the sun. 

Even if you stop here for a short while, the drive to the waterfalls is stunning. A real lush drive on a well paved road in the jungle.

Girl hiking up a lot of stairs to reach the waterfall. Filled with lots of foliage and green leaves. - Temurun Waterfall

A lot of stairs to get up to the top of Temurun Waterfall, but a large swimming area at the top. Places to jump into the water as well.


3. Waterfall 3 – Seven Wells Waterfall

Probably the most spectacular out of all of the waterfalls we visited on the island. It definitely is one of the most recommended places to visit on the island and I can see why. This is a place where there is plenty of room for you to relax in the water, get some awesome photos and enjoy your time here. There are 2 separate sections to this area, the natural pools and the waterfall. The natural falls at the bottom of the waterfall are the busiest part, I think its because it is at the bottom of the route and not many people follow the road up. We got a bit confused with the signage when we were here, we visited this section which is an area of several natural pools, with lots of areas to swim in. It was packed full of people though and we didn’t want to hang out here with barely any room to fit in. 

We started climbing up the 638 stairs up to the top, and we were met with stunning views. There are several infinity pools looking out over the rest of Langkawi, as well as natural water slide into the pools. This is the best place to get into the crisp water and get your instagram photos. Just be careful as it can be slippy, but fun if you are going down the slide. 

Girl standing at the bottom of the Seven Wells Waterfall. An impressive tall waterfall

Impressive views at the Seven Wells Waterfall.


The waterfalls are the perfect way to explore the island and cool down at the same time in the pools. They are all accessible by bike/car/taxi – we just found it easier to hire a bike as it cost less, and let us have freedom. The waterfalls are beautiful and well worth a visit, they can be done all in one day, with enough time to watch the sunset in the evening. Why not hire a bike and do it yourself?


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