Title: 4 places to eat on Rasdhoo, Maldives

4 places to eat on Rasdhoo, Maldives

Spending a few days on Rasdhoo Island and wondering where you can eat? Well here is a breakdown of the few places that offer a good dining experience.

Rasdhoo is a small inhabited local island, and the capital of the Alif Alif Atoll. It is quite small, it takes about 5 minutes to walk around the whole island. So, are there many places to eat? The answer is yes. After spending 5 days here, we got comfortable with where we could go to eat. 



1. Lemon Drop

This restaurant is set up very well, and has a great interior. After researching into the island a little bit before we visited, Lemon Drop appeared the most. The waiters didn’t speak much English when we visited, BUT, they did their best. There was plenty to offer on the menu, unfortunately for us, they were having an off day as a lot of the items weren’t available. He tried his best, but we did end up eating pizza (sorry I know it’s not local) as it was the only thing that was readily available on the menu. 

I’m sure if we returned, when the restaurant is fully stocked up, this would be a great place to eat.

A black menu with silver square on

Menu at Lemon Drop Restaurant


2. Cafe Olé

Our favourite pick on the island. We ended up eating here for most of our lunches and dinners. Cafe Ole’ offers a range of dishes, western to local. They were all served very quickly, and were massive portions. The waiters are lovely and they have great latin music playing throughout the evening. We often spend nights playing cards, listening to the music and enjoying our food. This was the cheapest place for us to eat!

Lots of writing on a blackbord - bless the food before us and the family beside us

One of the cool chalk boards at the restaurant

A waiter stood doing the peace sign in the restuarant

Lovely waiters at the restaurant, even posed for a photo


3. Palm Shadow Restaurant

Okay, so we didn’t actually eat here or go past it in the evening, but it looked pretty nice. There seemed to be a lot of locals who hung out here, but it was all set up ready to work like a normal restauurant. Looking at reviews online, they’re all pretty positive, apart from the fact that it’s a little bit more expensive than the other places on the island. Check it out and let me know!

A sandy track with palm trees at the end, with a big banner saying restaurant

Big sign for the restaurant, it is to the right of this banner


4. Hotel dependent

Now, I know that some of the hotels/resorts on the island have their own restaurants. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience any as we couldn’t see if you were allowed in if you weren’t staying there. I’m hoping there may be some that you could visit, we just didn’t see them.


There you have it, your choices of places to eat on the island of Rasdhoo. Let me know if you find anywhere else, or enjoyed a good meal from this recommendation. 


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