If you’ve always had a dream to go to Norway but you’re not entirely sure about where you should visit, here are some suggestions for you. This list will give you a little bit of an idea about each city, some lesser known than others, but it covers North to South of the country!


Welcome to the capital city of Norway – Oslo! Here you will find one of Europe’s fastest growing cities.

Located in the middle of fjords & forests, Oslo can be seen as an active city, with access to hiking, fishing, skiing & more.

World class museums, Nordic cuisine & a great night life – take a look around, you’ll find plenty to do in this capital. Have a walk up on top of the Opera House, find The Angry Boy in Vigeland Sculpture Park or stand in the Fram Polar Ship!

There is something for everyone in Oslo, it’s easy to get around & is becoming one of the most popular cities in Europe!


Tucked in the Western peninsula of Norway, Bergen is Norway’s 2nd largest city.

Explore the viking roots of Bergen, learn about the trade between Norway and Europe for several hundred years and explore the UNESCO heritage site – Bryggen. There’s plenty to do, it’s easy to navigate & there are many museums to learn about this amazing city.

Bergen is famous for the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, take a hike up the many trails or take the funicular/cable car up and see the views of Bergen.

Bergen is the perfect city for anyone looking for a historic, fun & active adventure.


Want to say that you’ve visited the Arctic Circle? Tromsø is the place for you. Located 69°North, people often travel to witness the northern lights that fill the sky in the winter evenings. Walk around town with the lights dancing above you, as you explore the biggest city in Northern Norway.

Surrounded by mountains & fjords, in the winter you can either take a ski/snowshoe up the valleys or watch the hundreds of whales that arrive every year. Head on a northern lights tour, go husky sledding or take a boat trip!

The summer offers the midnight sun and warm weather. Enjoy hiking, fishing, take the cablecar, or visit some of the museums.

Don’t forget, if you ever visit – make sure you take a tour of the Mack Brewery – what use to be the northernmost brewery in the world.

It has something to offer all year round.


This southern city is often left out of the mix, the fifth largest city in Norway – a great, modern, green city! Kristiansand has been a green city for decades, priding itself for it’s clean beaches, waste recycling & efforts in helping climate change.

The surrounding fjords and sea are perfect for activities such as swimming, sailing & fishing. Drive a few miles out and be met by the nearby mountains that can be used for skiing or hiking. In the city, visit the famous fish market, explore the Old Town which is Northern Europe’s largest collection of low, terraced, white, wooden houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, or spend time on the blue flagged beach.


Sitting in Northern Norway, close to the Russian & Finnish borders, this city is best visited during the winter. Kirkenes is the turning point of the Hurtigruten coastal boat, often welcoming large tour groups for their last part of the trip before returning home. A small city but with plenty of character.

Spend your time here in the summer visiting the surrounding fjords, hiking the national parks or simply watching birds in the wilderness.

During the winter, explore all the options, king crab fishing tours, sleeping in the ice hotel or dog sledding along the Russian border – experience it all in here.