The bubble run was only a 5k race and it was for fun, it was something my mum signed me up to whilst I was away and it probably was a good one to start with considering I hadn’t done much running since October time.

It was raising money for St Francis Hospice and was in Hemel Hempstead. We turned up and there were a lot of people everywhere, people in tutus, fancy dress and neon clothing. I was feeling a bit under dressed so I bought myself a neon green headband!

We decided to go into the jog section, they had run, jog and walk sections for the starts and there was no way we were feeling up for run running so we went into the jog section. We set off with a big start of a few hundred people and it felt good to be running again. We jogged for the first few minutes until we hit the first bubble section, it wanted to lap up and actually enjoy the bubble section. It was blue bubbles and we ran through it, got covered in bubbles and then carried on running.

We ran around the corner and came to the hills! I say hills because it was just up and down hills at least 6 times! For a charity race it was a very brutal course, most people were walking by this, it was only about 1.5k into the race and it was constant hills. I was running with my mum and she has had an injury for the past fews months so we walked up the hills, it was also very muddy and very slippy because of the bubbles falling off of all the runners.

We came to the yellow bubble section and everyone was avoiding it, so me and my mum stayed in it for a bit and stood right underneath when the bubbles were coming out, by this time we had definitely been stained green from the colouring in the bubbles.

We carried on, continuing up the hills, which didn’t seem to stop! We were walking again as my legs hate hills, I just don’t get on with them at all, it always feels like my legs are going to rip! We started to get to the downhill bit and we swapped the gopro so that I could be filmed sliding through the green bubble section. We ran to it and I slid on my belly, I didn’t realise how deep the bubbles were, I tried to stand up but the bubbles were taller than me and I was swallowing the bubbles. I ran forward a little bit, also not being able to see where I was going and my mum told me to slide again so I did, again trying to stand up I couldn’t find the top of the bubbles. I could hear someone shouting that I was under the bubbles though and it was funny. I eventually got to the end of them and I was covered in bubbles!

We ran to the last bubble section, unfortunately, this one didn’t have as many bubbles because the guy was filling it up. He had just taken the hose out when it squirted all over his face, staining him with a lovely pink line. I decided to try and slide through the bubbles and I fell over which was funny, we then got up to go to the finish line and saw the queue.

To get to the finish line there was a massive queue to go down two slides that were there, I could see that this would take a bit longer then usual. We waited for 25 minutes and barely moved, by this time they started to give out silver blankets especially to the kids. We flipped a coin and decided to avoid it, we knew it would be at least another hour and a half to get down the slide and we didn’t want to wait that long so we ran into the finish.

Once we got to the end we found out that they were letting people slide down it again and cut the line which is why it was taking so long, glad we missed it, I’m sure we will do another event with a slide.

It was a good event, well run until the end bit, and was good fun. Everyone enjoyed it, and we had a good laugh.

I am proud of myself though because it was my first race wearing shorts and I didn’t even care! I hurt a little bit the next day on my legs but other than that the running was fine!