Currently at home during the lockdown? Wondering how you can keep fit during lockdown? Here are some fun ways to keep entertained and stay fit during lockdown. All suggestions are to keep you healthy and get the whole family involved.


1. Online classes

You’ll have definitely seen an increase in online classes and workout videos. Here is your chance to explore and find some of your favourites. There are hundreds of fitness experts offering recorded and live classes, and a range of paid or free classes. Taking a live class, is a really good way to stay active, and have a great workout. You can choose to do them alone, or bring the whole family to get involved.

Looking for some inspiration for some classes? Check this post out here.



2. Try a new skill

This is the perfect chance to try and learn that new skill you have always wanted to try! Personally, I tried to take up some dance lessons, I know I have two left feet, so why not try and just practise my moves! I’ve joined some live online dance classes, which have been great fun, and a good workout.

You could try some other skills, such as hula hooping, football, learning how to do the splits, cartwheels or headstands, just so many to choose from!



3. Running, walking, or cycling

This is also a great chance to get out running. Following the guidelines set by the government, for your allowance of one bit of exercise a day, and to keep more than two metres away from other people, it gives you the chance to still get out and get the exercise in.

This might be a good time to look at starting Couch to 5k, get out on longer walks with your dogs, or get out on the bike that’s been in your shed for the past few years. It’s a good way to keep active, just make sure you are following the advice from the government! Keep your distance, and enjoy your activities.

Running and walk with dogs

Running and walk with dogs


4. Stairs

Stairs can offer a complete range of exercise options. If you don’t have any gym equipment, then your stairs are here to help you out.

You can try out various exercise routines on the stairs, including stair tricep dips, pushups, lunges, heel drops, monkey crawls, calf raises, box jumps, and so many more!

A big craze that has currently been sweeping the social media world – Stair Climb Challenge. You measure the length of your stairs against the highest peak of your choice (it could be Scafell Pike, Snowdon, Ben Nevis, some are even taking on Everest!). You climb the stairs until you reach the height of your chosen peak. A hard challenge, it doesn’t have to be completed in one go, it can be done over the space of a week – but a good challenge to take on.

Stair challenge



5. Meditate/Yoga

Something I used to really not understand, until I included it at least once a week in my schedule – meditation & yoga. It is great for the body, mind and soul, and you don’t need a massive area to be able to practise it.

You can follow online tutorials, there are hundreds of options on Youtube. You can start at any level, and you’ll find out how much of a good body and mind workout it can be. It is also a really good way to clear your mind. I always find it’s the best way to clear my head, get a good sweat on, and just relax for a bit.




6. Challenges

Why not find a fitness challenge? This is a time where people are becoming inventive with their exercise challenges.

Brooks Running UK are running a fun challenge –  #RUNHAPPYATHOME which involves finding any way to get exercise at home. Some fun ideas – setting an obstacle course up in your garden, dog throw challenges with you (throwing the ball and doing as many pushups or burpees in the time the dogs take to get back), running a 5km/10km around your garden, shoe hurdles, squat challenges, and so many more!

Why not create your own workout challenge? Upload on social media, tag us and show us your fun ideas!


So here are some ideas to keep you fit during the lockdown period. All suggested so you can have fun, get the whole family involved, and keep fit! Let me know if you find any cool new ideas.

Stay safe everyone!