Night Markets to visit in Bangkok

Night Markets to visit in Bangkok


Heading to Bangkok, wondering what night markets you should visit? We were lucky to spend almost 2 months exploring Bangkok, so we managed to experience our fair share of night markets in the city. Here are our recommendations for night markets to visit in Bangkok.



My favourite out of all of the night markets, which is why it is placing number 1 on my list. ARTBOX night market definitely is THE place to go if you only have 24 hours / 48 hours in Bangkok and want to see a night market.

It definitely can be described as one of Bangkok’s trendier night markets. It has stalls that offer items from vintage fashion, handmade accessories, local delicious thai food, to western style food trucks. There are several bars throughout the open-air market, complete with a live music stage, this is definitely the place to hang out in the evening. There is a laidback feel to this night market, you never feel pressured to buy any of the items, nor do you feel like you’re swarmed by the crowds. This is the place to go for a chilled, relaxed evening, that doesn’t feel like it’s touristy, and really focuses on the local designers and chefs.

Price wise, we found it to be a little more high end, but still relatively cheap compared to what you would experience in other parts of the world. The entrance to the night market is free, and very easy to find. Located in Chuvit Garden, you can choose to get off at either the Asok or Nana BTS Skytrain Stations. Open from 4pm to midnight everyday, weekends are usually the busiest time.

2. Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market Ratchada


There are actually 2 Train Markets, Srinakarin and the Rot Fai Market; Rot Fai is more central Bangkok and easier to access than the Srinakarin branch which is out in the suburbs of Bangkok. This feels like one of the larger night markets we visited in Bangkok, the market is split into avenues with so many different things to look through.

One section is all based on street food, just note, this is the busiest section of the market, be prepared to get hot, barter and experience some awesome street food. I did however, struggle to find many vegetarian options, it is a lot of meat and seafood – but you will be able to find something! The next section is full of clothes, handbags, shoes, and other general market type items. You can spend hours just exploring each avenue.

Towards the back of the market, are several bars and blasting out western tunes, that add a really chill vibe to the hustle and bustle of the market.

Open from Thursday to Sunday, 6pm to midnight, this market can certainly get busy. We actually found ourselves needing to get away from all as it was ridiculously busy in places – particularly the food market section, so just keep that in mind when you visit. You can access this market by Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station. If you’re taking a taxi, be sure to stress that you want to go to the Ratchada Train Night Market, as they may take you to the other one.

If you’re also looking to get a cool photo like you see online, just head to the nearby multistory car park, you can head up a few stories and get access to a birds eye view of the market.

3. NEON Night Market


Also known as Talad Neon, the market has a festival vibe to it. Definitely a smaller night market to some of the others you would find in Bangkok. When you arrive, you are greeted by a giant bright neon sign, which really welcomes you to walk around.

You’ll find your typical goods as you find in several other night markets around Bangkok, however you can also find some retro fashion, handmade items, places to find food, and some fun container bars based at the back of the market. You could spend a whole evening here, however, as I think it is still new, there are some empty stalls, but it is fast becoming a new popular place to head to for a night market in Bangkok.

If you love bright colours, and neon lights – this is the place to head in the evening.

You can access this market from BTS Chit Lom, and then it is a 10-minute walk. Alternatively, it’s a three-minute walk from Chit Lom Pier—accessible by the canal boat service.

4. Patpong Night Market


This night market is definitely an experience. If you’re looking for typical night market clothing items, knock off items, and home items, then this is the market to visit. However, it is based in Bangkok’s notorious entertainment/nightlight district, so make sure you’re aware that there are several go go bars lining the market.

Keep in mind, there aren’t really any food stalls here, although when you get to one end, there are a few pad thai/fruit vendors. There are several restaurants along the street and in the area, so this night market is more for the experience, and seeing how the night life scene goes ahead in Bangkok.

You can find this market from BTS Siam Station, a little bit of a walk down the road. It’s open from 5pm until midnight.





5. Udomsuk Walk


We visited this night market on our last night in Thailand. A mixture of local street food, particularly sea food, this feels like a real local night market. It isn’t as busy as the normal night markets, but as it’s in a suburban area, it really does feel like you’re blending in with the locals.

You can find homemade desserts, coffee, beer, live music and much more at this market.

I would definitely recommend to get pad thai from the stall pictured below, you get a huge portion, and it tastes great!

It’s probably best to access this night market via a taxi, it’s a long walk from any stations. Open daily 4pm-10pm, this is a good place to grab a cocktail, listen to live music and relax.

So there is our list of night markets to visit in Bangkok. We really enjoyed our time in this city and we were met with plenty of choice for night markets. I hope you all get to visit at least one of these picks, and enjoy them as much as we did.

If you have any other recommendations, pop me an email and let me know.


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