We’ve all been there – the panic before race day, thinking about whether you’ve packed everything you need, what about after you finished or anything you need or during the race. I’ve created this race day prep guide based on everything I personally love to have to help me with my prep and races. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the panic every time I need to pack for a race, running around the house and getting someone else to pack for me – but having a checklist is extremely helpful to reduce the stress for race day.

The days leading up to race day can really cause stress and give you a mix of emotions and this is why it is best to get prepped and ready to up and go on race day morning.  You’ve put the hard work into your training, you want to make sure you arrived feeling calm, healthy and get there on perfect time. As well as making sure you’re well-rested and well-fed ahead of race day, you also need to make sure you are packed.

Whether this is your first race, aiming for a new PB or just doing the event because you want to – here’s the checklist that I like to use and hopefully it will help you:

Pin, share & save this race day prep guide and have a great race!! Tick the thing off as you pack and make sure that you wake up and you’re able to just eat your breakfast and go.

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