So the lockdown has come about, thinking of ways to keep fit during the lockdown? Here are a few recommendations for live classes, apps, social media, and so many more options to keep fit, and get the whole family involved during the lockdown. It’s all great fun, a way to stay healthy and keep fit.



 1. Joe Wicks

The nations PE teacher, you’ve all heard about Joe Wicks. He created 30-minute workout sessions, aimed at everyone, to ensure children are still keeping fit at home whilst school.

The sessions take place live at 9am (UK time), where you can all tune in, have a great workout that includes a warm-up and cool down.

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about his live workouts, i’ve been seeing whole families getting involved, keeping fit and having fun. It’s a great way to start the day and keep everyone entertained.


2. Dame Kelly Holmes

Dame Kelly Holmes has been regularly uploading challenges, live workouts and fun activities on her social media. She often combines her videos with fun videos of her alpacas as well. Who wouldn’t want to combine workouts and animals?


3. Hot Pod Yoga

Looking for some ways to relax, clear the mind, and still get a good workout? Check out Hot Pod Yoga! The teachers have been leading the classes from their home, so that people can keep up their yoga practise, working on a free or donation basis for their freelance yoga teachers.

You can either book in for a class, or watch a live session, but either way, a great way to get your stretch on.


If you’ve seen my other posts and instagram, you know I always rave about FIIT. I have been using the app for my home workouts since 2019, and have found them a really good way to maintain fitness, and get a good workout. There are so many different styles to choose from, my personal favourites are the strength and rebalance studios. I sign myself up to different weekly plans, or take part in their live classes! You have a choice of 25 or 40 minute sessions, all with the main aim to keep you fit!

5. Sir Twitch Alot

Stephen and his wife have been live streaming dance classes, where everyone can join in and enjoy a dance session. I’m not a great dancer, but the sessions were definitely great fun to join in. We even had a skype session where a few of us were all dancing along at the same time. A great way to stay connected with others and have a bit of fun.



6. NHS Fitness Studio

The NHS fitness studio offers 24 videos with several different styles of exercise, that range from 10 – 45 minutes.

Regular exercise has been proven to help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It also shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, energy, mood and sleep quality.

7. The Running Channel

Looking for all things running? Check out The Running Channel, they are offering all the advice when it comes to keeping your running up during lockdown, running specific workouts, running on your own, what to do when your races get cancelled, and so many more videos!

8. Laura Biceps

Laura has been offering live 35 minute workouts on her and The Foundry’s page. The sessions are open for everyone to train, even with limited equipment. She goes live at 7am every day. If you don’t have dumbbells, that’s fine – anything that can give you some weight. It’s a way to stay strong at home. There’s no pressure to workout or continue training, but she is aware that regular exercise can help your headspace. Plus she is super calming in her videos, so check her out!

9. Blogilates

Where my workouts first started. Cassie offers hundreds and hundreds of videos on her channels, and has such a positive, cute way of encouraging all to exercise. I would highly recommend her videos for some short, fun, bright videos.



10. Nobs Guides

I love following Lucy as I feel she just really makes working out fun, and calls out all the bs you find in the fitness industry. She offers great home workout videos, alternative weight videos, and videos correcting technique.

At the moment, she has been posting some really informative videos on exercises you do at the gym, versus what you can do at home – which I find great, especially for those who are beginning to workout and want to decrease the chances of injury.



11. HIIT burn

Dennis & Kelsey offer great high intensity workouts on their page. Ones that really hit the spot if youare looking for a quick way to get your sweat on. They’ve recently started offering at home workouts!



12. Achieve Fitness Boston

I’ve only recently followed this guys, but I really love how natural their workouts feel, and how I feel like I’ve been getting the correct technique from their videos. Highly worth checking at for some at home couples workouts!



13. Local Gyms

Can’t go to the gym? That’s fine, most gyms are here to help you stay fit! Check out your local gyms page for hundreds of workout ideas. They will be working hard to keep you all active and engaged, even if you can’t get to the gym, keep in touch with them. I’m sure when this all blows over, people will be heading back to the gyms in no time!



14. Local Physios

There are several local physios that are offering up exercise and body specific videos to help people with working from home and staying at home. These are to make sure any lasting injuries can be helped during this time.

The best ways to set up your desk, ways to stretch out after a long day working from home, injury specific at home rehab options. Check out my local physio here.



15. Your local PT

There will be hundreds and thousands of Personal Trainers that have had to put their businesses on hold during the lockdown. Why not take the chance to support the local business and take a class with a PT? Most have been offering free online classes, to make sure everyone stays active and happy.



So here are a few options for live classes, apps and social media pages that often upload fun, interesting workouts to keep yourself fit during the lockdown! If you find anymore, let me know. Enjoy your workouts, keep safe and stay healthy!