Pizza, Pie & Cider’s – Did that title catch your attention? It certainly did with me!



I was doing a race and when I was running through town, I was starting to feel a little bit hungry. Almost 15 miles in, I really wanted some food. I took a quick glance at name of this restaurant – it was the pizza & pie’s that caught my eye. I knew when I finished, we were going to be eating here. A good marketing ploy placed right at the end of the half marathon because it worked on me!!

A chain dotted throughout the UK, every Stable has a different food menu, depending on the ingredients and cider available locally. On this one, we visited the Winchester branch.




The menu was filled with seasonal choices, we started with POT OF GOLD (£13.00), a dipping pot of West Country cider, melted cheese,
rosemary and garlic, served with sliced sourdough. It was so good!

Meat eaters – you’re sorted. Spicy food – you bet. Pizzas, burgers, pies, salads & many more – the stable has you sorted. Mitch tried THE POSH HAWAIIAN (£11.50), consisting of West Country smoked ham and fresh pineapple with fresh red chili and avocado. It quickly disappeared.

There’s so many good options to choose from, if you have allergies, make sure you ask the waiter about it as they can recommend the next best thing for you.


Vegetarians & Vegans


Have no fear – there are plenty of food options for you to eat. The chain created a separate selection of carefully constructed animal-free dishes. However, if there was something from the main menu that tempts you, they can have a chat with you! There is even a whole section on the menu for vegan options.

I personally had THE SQUISH SQUASH PIE (£10.50) which consisted of spiced butternut squash, sweet potato, goats’ cheese & spinach. This came with potato wedges and homemade slaw. The portion was way to big I struggled to finish it, but it was definitely an awesome dish. I would definitely choose it again, although THE GOOD LIFE PIZZA (£10.00) including roasted courgette, aubergine, roasted red & yellow peppers, with onion, vegan cheese and fresh basil would have been my second pick.





On the menu you have a choice from the cider of the month, sparkling cider menu or the still cider menu. Over 60 options to choose from! There was too many options for me, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, so the waitress was able to recommend something for my taste – Cornish Orchards Blush.

The table behind us had a tasting board, complete with 5 different types of cider. Perfect for new timers to find what they would like to order.

You also have the choice of cider tasting experiences:

Strictly Cider – a 60 minute session where you get to taste up to 10 ciders.

Cider & Supper – ciders & pizza in a 100 minute session.

The Ultimate Cider Experience – 150 minute session with ciders, pizza & dessert!


A good place for a visit, if you’re in Winchester or see the branch anywhere else – check it out. More information on the website here.