Title: PLACE TO RUN - JAIPUR. A girl running at a sand park



Looking for somewhere to run in Jaipur? This beautiful city has plenty to offer, we went for a run and really enjoyed our experience. It might only be a few, but here are some recommendations of places to run:


Central Park

This is where we actually had our run in Jaipur. We had to get a tuk tuk over to the entrance, it was easy to find and easy to get to. This is clearly the place to go for exercise, as there is a running track around the park. We arrived around 5:30pm, first of all, it was hot, but secondly, there were so many other people running around the park too.

The route is also marked out with some distance markers and maps dotted around the park. The run takes you on a beautiful beautiful route through the trees, past the fountain and by the beautiful flowers.

You can also take part in an early morning yoga session at the park, there is plenty of groups organising the session so just have a look around or turn up and I’m sure you can find one. It might be a good way to relax after your run.


Jawahar Circle Garden

Located next to the famous Patrika Gate, the gardens offer plenty of routes for a run. There are multiple tracks in the park, almost given a maze like feel to the park. There gardens usually stay a little bit more quiet as most people are trying to get their instagram picture at the gate.

They are starting to develop a specific running track in the gardens, but it is open for you to go and run around and explore the beautiful gardens. Explore the area, see the musical fountains, and enjoy your run.


Smriti Van

This biodiversity forest make it a great place to get close to nature on your run. This forest was formed during a flood in 1981. The area was flourished to sow trees in the memory of dear ones. This area that has been developed for peace and quiet, a place to relax and a place to have a quiet run.

Go for an early morning run, you might get to see a peacock roaming the area.


Hills of Nahargarh

Looking to test your legs on the hills? This route might be perfect for you. Starting from Nahargarh Road, start the climb up to the magnificent tiger fort. Check it out a route idea here. 

It’s a long, strenuous run, but it is completely worth it for the views over Jaipur.

There you have it, a few options for your runs on your visit to Jaipur. I’m sure there are a few other places, if you find any, pop me a message and I can update on here. I had a great time running in Jaipur, everyone was very friendly and it was a great way to get the miles in.


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