3 places to get banh mi Hanoi vietnam

3 places to get banh mi Hanoi vietnam


Banh Mi 25


Now you can’t visit Vietnam without eating a banh mi, and Banh Mi 25 is the highest recommended place. You can’t google banh mi and it not come up as number 1, and it certainly lived up to expectations.

Fairly easy to find, you can either order direct on the side of the street that they make them, or you can sit down in their little seating area and order through the staff that way. They have a huge menu, including a large selection of vegetarian choices as well. My personal choice was the egg, cheese and avocado banh mi.

This was the best banh mi I had throughout my time in Vietnam. It had everything I wanted and just tasted great. We loved our first one so much we ended up ordering another one as they were so good.

We were frustrated that due to the holiday, they were closed for the rest of our duration in Vietnam, so we weren’t able to have another banh mi from here. If it was open, we definitely would have eaten there a few times as they tasted amazing.

Banh Mi 25 logo and someone making the food
Banh Mi's
vegetarian menu



We found this place by chance, but we were pleasantly surprised with the this banh mi and coffee bar. They specialise in traditional banh mi’s, but also offer choices of sandwiches, donuts and drinks.

I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted, but I knew I wanted to stick with a traditional mi from here where there is only one option for a vegetarian banh mi, however, they have plenty of options on their normal sandwich menu.

It is quite a small place, so it is more of a order your food and go – we were fortunate enough to get a seat, enjoy our food and listen to the awesome music that was playing. There is a real cool vibe to Paperman, very modern and well decorated.

You should definitely check this place out for a good selection of banh mi’s and sandwiches.

Banh Mi

Bang Mi


Just around the corner from Banh Mi 25, you’ll find this local banh mi place. A few different choices of banh mi, they make really traiditonal banh mi’s. We did have to ask to make a vegetarian option, as there isn’t one on the menu, which they were more than happy to do.

It was late at night and during the Tet holiday so we were thankful to have found this place. The owner was very friendly and the banh mi tasted great. Just make sure you let them know of any dietary requirements before they started making it.

So there is our list of places to get banh mi in Hanoi. We really enjoyed our time in this city and we were met with plenty of choices of food whilst we visited, even with the holiday. I hope you all get to visit at least one of these picks, and enjoy the food as much as we did.

If you have any other recommendations, pop me an email and let me know.


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