When I first started out on my fitness journey, I was always curious about ways in which I can support my fitness journey. Now, the apps that I talk about below, are the ones that I enjoy using. I’m not affiliated with any of them, I just feel they really help me log, get ideas and have fun whilst taking part in fitness activities.



I’ve only had this one for a few months, but I have enjoyed using this. I just use the free version, but still get quite a bit out of it.Even on the free version, I get lots of options for HIIT, strength or body specific classes. All online and through the app. I think I will be using this more when I go travelling and don’t attend classes at my local gym.You can work hard, create a sweat and enjoy fun and interactive classes with great instructors.

You can even choose your specific target area that you would like to focus on, and it picks classes that help you in that journey. So far, I have enjoyed using this app, but I think in a few months time, I will get more use out of it when I am no longer at a gym.



This app has really helped me out since I became a personal trainer (check out my page here). It helps you pick specific muscle groups and provides hundreds of exercises to work that area. I take my friends to the gym to help them on their fitness journeys, they give me the area they want to target, and I quickly pop on this app to grab that days workout. Very simple and easy to use, including videos of each movement and how to do it.

As the app has more than 1,300 weight training exercises, it also gives you workout plans, allows you to track your progress, and weekly targets – this app is free which is an extra plus!



This is very specific to Garmin users, I’m not sure whether you can sync some other devices to it but as I use a Garmin, I find this helpful. It syncs all of my workouts and activities to it. I can set most exercises on this, including time, date, description and many more. I mainly use this to sync to my Strava, but I like that it has a calendar that has all of my activities in, so it lets me know how active I have been each month.

This also has very unique challenges/badges such as logging and activity on New Year Day or before 6AM – I’m slowly getting through ticking them off my profile but it’s fun to give yourself a bit of a challenge.



Just starting out on your fitness journey and want a fun way of gradually adding exercises and increasing numbers of each move? This is the app for you. A free app that lets you pick which exercises you want to build up over the space of a month. Pick just squats, press ups, burpees, bridges and many more, or upgrade to premium for beach body, firm bum, abs or tone in 10 challenge.

I have always really enjoyed using this app, as it lets you add your maximum number of each exercise that you can do at the start and then gradually adds from there. Its a simple and effective way to track your progress but also not pushing your body to the extreme as it is based on your level.



Now I’m always one not to encourage an obsession over counting calories, but I do like to use this to give myself a basis for monitoring my eating habits. I use this every few days, just to make sure that what I have consumed is still fitting within my calories and then use that as a basis for the next few days. You can track what you eat, the data base has over 300,000,000 options, and you can create meals or work with others to input certain food groups.

This is a free mobile app, but you can upgrade for a full breakdown and assistance with all your macros. I still monitor mine and think the free version does just this. You can scan the bar codes of your meals as well, nearly everything will filter through. There are also discussion forums, tips, recipes, workouts and many more you can still access via the free version.


So there you have it, my favourite apps that I still use and will continue to use on my fitness journey. I hope they help you with yours, pop me a message if you think you have any other great app recommendations. I’ll always try something new.