If you are looking to visit Iceland, or have visited Iceland, you will certainly have seen that there are so many beautiful churches dotted throughout the country. 

Driving through the country, it feels like there is a church on nearly every turn. Even the in most remote parts, there would always be a church, in fact there is over 350 in Iceland. Nearly all the churches have the same style, simple, neat and well built. They very clearly look after them. This dedication leads to some of the most beautiful structures, looking out over breathtaking parts of the country.

So why are there so many in Iceland? Well the first tax in Iceland was a 10% tax that people were forced to pay to the church. The main churches were in the more populated regions, it was virtually impossible to travel those distances, and so more and more churches started appearing. Either way, there are a lot in Iceland.

Some of my favourites were ones we just stumbled upon whilst driving through Iceland. We were on ‘church lookout’, basically played a little bit of a game to who could spot one first. There was just so many to choose from, pictures also do not do their beauty justice.

We didn’t see enough of Iceland, we can’t wait to go back. Until that day comes, here are some of the most beautiful churches that we came across during our trip to Iceland.








Akranes Kirkja




Skálholt Church




Hallgrímskirkja Saurbæ







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