Tucked on the main high street, Akasaka brings a taste of Japanese to the streets of Wolverton. 

Established in 2014 by John, Akasaka is an authentic Japanese Kitchen. They pride themselves on fresh ingredients and delicious sushi flavours. Experience incredible hand made to order sushi, alongside a range of other Japanese dishes in their beautiful restaurant located in Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

We arrived on a quiet Wednesday evening and we were the first ones in the restaurant. It stayed pretty quiet until we had finished our meal where it quickly filled up.





Nasu dengaku

This restaurant isn’t just for sushi lovers, there is plenty more to choose from. Although they do offer numerous seafood dishes, there is also a large variety of delicious chicken, steak and vegetable plates. So whether you love meat, fish or vegetables, there is definitely an option to choose from.

Yasai Yaki Udon & Chicken Yaki Soba

We chose 2 starters to share, including one of my favourites – salted edamame beans. The other a dish I had not tried before, Nasu dengaku, which is deep fried aubergine with miso sauce. Arriving quickly and was presented very well, we tucked into our starters. I thoroughly enjoyed the aubergine, it was sweet and filling – I would say you should share this dish, it is very big.
For the main dish, we chose the Yasai Yaki Udon (veggie) and Chicken Yakisoba, the great thing with the Yakisoba is that you can choose whether or not you want it spicy or not. It’s great to have that choice, although I wasn’t having that dish, knowing that I could have the option is a plus. 
We didn’t have to wait long for our dishes to come out, and they were big portions. Unfortunately my skills with chop sticks are not at a level where I was able to pick up the noodles on my dish so I had to change to a fork – sorry everyone! We quickly demolished our meals, they were tasty and we thoroughly enjoyed our choices.


Black sesame and red bean ice cream

There is a good range of deserts at the restaurant. Some very typical of what you would find in Asian cuisine restaurants – I’m meaning your Punky penguins, your coconut supreme and Nouka. 
There were options for strawberry cheesecakes, strawberry flutes, Ferraro Rocher ice creams, or just teas and coffees. What I enjoyed is that there were interesting ice cream flavours on offer, green tea, red bean, black sesame, green tea mochi and coconut mochi flavour.
Here’s a tip for you, if you give them a review on their facebook page or online, you get a free desert! The lovely waitress let us know before we ordered our desert, we quickly popped on the facebook page and ordered. I couldn’t decide between flavours so I was given a scoop of red bean and a scoop of black sesame. The flavours were definitely unique, I still don’t know which one was my favourite, I think I am swaying closer to the red bean. I think if you are eating Asian cuisine, you should always try new flavours.


First time visiting Akasaka and it definitely won’t be the last. There are plenty of options to choose from that don’t need to be fish or meat. Even though we did not try the sushi, I’m sure for sushi lovers it would be really tasty. The food tasted great, the service was quick and friendly, and has a nice atmosphere.
It’s worth a visit to Akasaka, enjoy the food and a have nice quiet evening eating great food.
Edamame Beans – £2.90
Nasu dengaku – £5.90
Yasai Yaki Udon – £7.90
Chicken Yakisoba – £8.50
Icecream – £3.90 or free if you leave a review.