title: 3 Vegetarian places to visit in Delhi on top of an Indian delicacy of jelabi

3 Vegetarian places to visit in Delhi

Worried about being able to eat veggie on your visit to Delhi? Have no fear, with over 71% of the population eating a vegetarian diet, there is plenty to choose from. We had a few days to explore in Delhi, and to explore the local delicacies too. 

To be honest, you would be able to find plenty of vegetarian street food whereever you go in the city. We ate in a few restaurants whilst we were there, here are our recommendations of restuarants to grab some lovely veggie food at.


 1. Darbar – Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

This was the first place we ate at on our first day in India. It was just down the road from our hotel, we were suffering from jetlag, and just wanted something simple and easy for the first meal. The menu was in English, the waiters were very friendly, and there was so much to choose from. We ordered some basics but the waiter actually recommended a few other dishes. It was almost too much food, the dishes just kept coming out! 

Our favourite here was the pineapple raita, we ended up dipping our rice in it (probably not what you are meant to do but we liked it). 

Silver platters on table with pineapple on yougurt and rice

Pineapple Raita and rice – yum

A red menu with Darbar pure vegetarian restaurant on the front

These are dotted all over Delhi

A tomato and cashew pitta with a dosa and dips



2. Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Okay so this is less of a restaurant and more street food. This was recommended to us from one of our tour guides, apparently one of the most famous places to get jalebi’s and samosa’s in Delhi. We had already tried several jalebi’s during our few days and I can agree, these were definitely the best.

The samosa was great, all veggie and a little bit spicy. I couldn’t finish mine because I am a wuss with spice, but Mitch really enjoyed his. 

Hands holding jalebi and samosas

Famous Jalebi’s & Samosas

Boy in sunglasses eating samosa with chilli/mint dip in a street

That was a spicy sauce!



3. Kitchen With A Cause

Something a bit more above the usual budget but worth it for such a good cause. This restaurant gives internships to street kids who have been rescued by NGOs and have been relocated. They also provide training for the service and kitchen industry, and, when their internship finishes, help the kids find a new job, or they can continue working at the restaurant. 

There are several vegetarian options in their menu, so you will have plenty of variety. I believe I had a spinach paneer dish (spinach and cottage cheese in gravy). 

I’m going to be honest, in Delhi, and the whole of India, you will not have an issue finding veggie food on any of the menus. There is always plenty to choose from, most places had several pages of vegetarian options. My favourite dish was the veggie stew – it was my favourite thing I found whilst travelling India. 

A very green korma with a bowl of rice next to it

Paneer Korma, a lovely green colour

A large menu from kitchen with a cause

A very large menu

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