The hugely popular Milton Keynes Half Marathon is back for its 18th year, First the race has moved from July to September (making it literally cooler!) and secondly we have added in a 10k option alongside the half marathon. I ran the 10km race as part of my milestone with my running group.

The race takes you up and around the main sights of Milton Keynes and was explained to me as a fast and flat race. I found out about this race via my running club. I had completed the Tough Mudder the day before and so I was not expecting any
The course

You run one loop with the half marathon group. It was a new 10km course. The course is almost entirely traffic free on the redways and takes in some of the very best sights of Milton Keynes including the Grand Union Canal, woodland and Campbell Park.

The course itself was as described as relatively flat and fast. The first half wasn’t so pretty, you do follow the redways behind the estates which can be not so pleasant, you follow the redways until you get to the canal. The canal was beautiful this part was pretty flat; the build up to Campbell park though, was not! It’s a very gradual hill, it doesn’t seem like there is but it slowly builds until you hit the main hill where you were met by a good amount of people cheering you on.

The area around Willen/campbell park was definitely the best area for sightseeing, you get a great view of Milton Keynes when on the top of the hill.

The second half of the race felt like it was all downhill and so it was great, the pace definitely picked up.
The race

The 10km race costs £16 affiliated, £18 unaffiliated and £25 on the day.

There was a good turnout, the start was packed full of people. Once they set off the timer we all actually had to walk for the first part because it was a small funnel to get onto the course. It was relatively warm on the day, it was a bit cloudy but not too bad, towards the halfway point the rain started coming down but it was light and stopped after a few minutes.

There was a main water station at the halfway point which was filled with lots of helpers cheering everyone on, this was lovely to have and a great encouragement. They provided you with water bottles instead of cups which was nicer, instead of having to try and drink out of a cup that’s spilling all down you, it was nice to drink how and when you wanted.

You received a high level of goodies when you finished, a medal, banana, weetabix breakfast drink and a nutrigrain bar. There was entertainment, music, medal engraving etc.

It was a well organised race, there was a helper in high vis on every corner and a marshal on all complicated areas. As the 10km runner it was a good starter race for those who have never completed the distance before, I would like to try it as a half marathon as well. The half marathon is another loop of the same course which isn’t too hard again for your first half marathon.

Considering I was extremely sore from the tough mudder I managed to get my second best ever time for 10km distance, I felt like I was running slower on the day as well so could have got a PB for that distance but maybe when I haven’t completed 10 miles the previous day!