Where to run, Bangkok, Thailand

Where to run, Bangkok, Thailand


Visiting Bangkok soon? Wanting to keep your fitness up? Not sure where the best place is for a run? Well here is a breakdown of the best areas/parks to go for a run in Bangkok, Thailand. 


We knew that we would be spending just under 2 months based in Bangkok, and at the time, we were training for a half marathon so needed to stick to our running plan and get the miles in. During our stay, we were based in three different areas which gave us plenty of time to go out and explore. Parts of our runs were just around the local streets and areas, but we also got to explore the local parks and really see what Bangkok has to offer for runners.

We were pleasantly surprised by how runner friendly some of the areas were; most of the parks had specific running paths, and if you visited at the right time, you would bump in to so many friendly locals out for their daily exercise. We managed to explore different areas but here is a pick of our favourite, runner friendly areas/parks to go for a run in Bangkok, Thailand.


1. Lumphini Park

Okay so you can’t exactly go to Bangkok and not explore Bangkok’s famous Lumphini Park. This is an obvious choice if you are based in central city, as it provides a lovely green, clean area right in the heart of Bangkok.

Make sure you pick to visit at the right time, we arrived for an early morning 6am run, and thought there was an event going on! There was so many people at the park, just out for their morning exercise. At times you had to end up running around the massive crowds of runners, dancers, yogi’s, walkers, and just general public.

There is a running track with distance markers looping the park, which is 2.5km. If you’re out for a 5km run then you just need to do 2 loops of the big circuit – you can also do an inner circuit to mix up the route which is around 1km. Once you have finished your run, you have the choice of several activities – hire a pedalo on the water, explore the different temples dotted around the park, use the outdoor exercises equipment, play chess with the locals, or grab yourself a bite to eat (yes we count that as an activity) from the food carts.

Just keep an eye out for the monitor lizards crossing the paths! They are relatively safe, but don’t provoke them otherwise you could get hurt. They just go about their days enjoying the park just like everyone else – just don’t be surprised if theres a giant lizard walking around!

How to get there: MRT train to the Lumphini or Silom Stations. You could also book yourself a grab or tuk tuk – these will take you direct but will be the more expensive option.

Check out our running experience at the park!


2. Chatuchak Park

If you’re visiting Bangkok, you’ve probably heart of Chatuchak market, but people don’t often talk about the stunning park area just next to the market.

This green spaces lets you have a run whilst the locals enjoy relaxing by the lake. This park is actually one of the oldest parks in the whole of Bangkok, and has been designed with stunning views, clock towers, bridges and a running track. Just follow the running track around the park which is 3.4km, you can also loop around different parts of the park to increase the distance. If you’re really wanting to increase the distance – pop over the road to Wachirabenchathat park. We didn’t explore this area as much but it is a very large park that is less busy than Chatuchak.

When you’ve finished your run, you obviously can go and explore the weekend market – so you will definitely be able to hydrate, eat or buy souvenirs once you have finished your run.

How to get there: Very accessible as the park is right at the entrance of both stations – BTS Mochit and MRT Chatuchak Park. You could also get a taxi/grab to the park but as it is so accessible by the skytrain or subway – that’s probably the better choice.


3. King Rama IX Park

We were fortunate to get to explore this park during a running race. King Rama IX Park is a little bit further out of central Bangkok but is a perfect place to go for a run. It is the largest public park in Bangkok and is a beautiful park to explore. Complete with botanical gardens, temples, a huge lake and gallery – there is plenty to do here.

According to the internet – entry to this park costs 10 baht, however, as we visited on a race day, entry was free for us.

There is a large loop going around the outside of the park which is just over 5km, you then can explore the inner paths and routes which would make up the distance if you want to go for a longer run. There are plenty of different paths so this definitely would be a great park for getting your long runs in. Once you finish your run, take a few hours to explore the park. You could visit the gallery in the centre of the lake (it celebrates the life of of King Bhumibol), get lost in the shrubbery mazes, explore the different botanical areas based on different countries, hire a pedalo on the lake or just join in the with the locals and relax.

How to get there: Rama IX Park is around 15 km from the city centre. It is easier to get here by taxi from town, which will cost around 150 baht. You could also catch the BTS Skytrain to Udom Suk, and then get a taxi from there.


4. Benjakitti Park

Our personal favourite, although it is a smaller park – this was the park I had my best runs, and got to experience stunning sunrises on several mornings. Located in the sky scraper neighbourhood, this park gives you a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and just relax whilst you go for your run.

The lake is surrounded by a running and bike track – make sure you get on the right one otherwise you will be getting run over by one of the passing bikes! A 2km track, this is one of the quieter parks we visited for running – I believe down to the fact it is a bit more hidden and is smaller. This park is perfect for your speed workouts or fast runs as the track also has distance markers. It is best visited during sunrise or sunset, with the lake and the surrounding skyscrapers – you really are in for an impressive view.

How to get there: You can get off at MRT Nana, MRT Sukhumvit, Asok BTS Station, or BTS Thonglor and take a walk to the park, or get a taxi/grab.

girl running next to lake

Running at Benjakitti Park

Heading to Bangkok soon? Been to Bangkok before? Have you got any other recommendations for places to run? Pop me an email and let me know!


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